3D Breathable Nursing Sleep Mask

with built-in air vents and 100% light blockage

Feel complete relaxation | Allowing oxygen in


This 3D nursing eye mask integrates built-in air vents with patented technologies and 100% light blocking capability; designed according to the contours of your eyes and nose with an ergonomic design for complete relaxation. It offers an interor eye chamber so that your eyes can open or close rapidly with no pressure on your eyes - which allows a more hygienic approach. It can also block out unwanted light entirely. It is definitely your perfect travelling companion which can be used as home or while travelling as a passenger in an airplane, car or train. Memory foam earplugs are included.

Weight: Eye mask: 35.5 grams; Ear plugs: 6 grams
Materials(inner): High elastic SBR rubber
Materials(cover): Nylon

1. Easy-to-adjust elastic strap at the back of your head with velcro tape to help wiht the perfect fit.

2. The built-in 3D air vents are located on the left and right sides, allowing healthy oxygen in while keeping dry air out which may stimulate Rapid Eye Movemnet (REM) sleep, suitable for travellers wearing contact lens or suffering from dry eyes.

3. Features an inner lip that providing superior light blocking ideal for those people who are night shift workers and may increase deep sleep.

4. It offers an interior eye chamber with perfect alightnment and contour so that your eyes never feel any pressure to ensure your body is able to fall asleep naturally.