Justice League

Justice League Wonder Woman Wearable Air Purifier


These officially DC Comics /Justice League licensed Weartable Air Purifier featuring printed graphics of Wonder Woman. It is believed that consumers and travelers, especially those who are concerned with air quality, will find these products of great interest.

The air purifier are of a compact size (25 x 15 x 73mm) and are easy to use - with a one-touch button-design. Simply touch the button to turn the device on and purify the air.  Optionally, the user may wear the air-purifier around their neck using the strap which is included or attach it to their clothes using the safety pins provided.  Designed for either adults or children who have a need for purified air at all times; this results in the removal of PM2.5 - which can improve the air around you. In addition, it has an ozone free design.  The device is rechargeable via a USB and has an extra-long battery life of up to 30 hours per charge.  A perfect gift for your kids and your family and yourself!  


  • Removal of PM2.5
  • Ozone Free
  • Protects Anti Pollens
  • 30 Hours battery life


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