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Travelmall Dinosaur Inflatable Pump Pillow for adults or kids


This patented inflatable neck pillow is suitable for both adults and children. The neck pillow cover and storage bag feature a cute 3D dinosaur head design pattern, using soft plush material complemented by an adorable dinosaur design. Built with a patented built-in inflatable pump, simply press the 3D pump repeatedly to inflate it. Easy to operate, the pillow is equipped with a quick deflation function, just press the deflate button to quickly release the air and easily fold it for storage. The magnetic front clip ensures that the pillow stays in the correct position during sleep. The inflation density can be adjusted to personal preferences, conforming to the contours of the neck for a more comfortable sleep. It comes with a hook for hanging on a backpack or suitcase.


  • SKU: SW99006DL
  • EAN: 6970934786445
  • Size: 275 x 265 x 130 mm
  • Weight:192 grams
  • Materials:   Pillow cover materials :100% polyester/Inner materials :100% PVC

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