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‘The Best Choice For Travellers’

The meaning of travelmall. The brand means Travel + More + All.

Travel means our products are travel-related concepts and are relevant to travel.

More means our company will develop MORE travelling items with novelty and innovation, ideally for frequently travellers or holiday makers on the move.  

All means our products are ALL-IN-ONE (or multi-functional). We are committed to developing products with useful and practical features. Our Design and Product team also leverage only good features and applications in our products. For example, our Premium pillow integrates a patented pump and 3-level massage, with an inflatable part and memory part. It is definitely an ALL-IN-ONE premium pillow, characteristic of our products.


Travelmall Switzerland

Patented Pump Pillow with Hood

Unicorn 3D Inflatable Pillow with Patented Pump


New Promotion

Purchase a Travellmall 3D Inflatable Massage Pillow (SW66001BK) and get a 3D Breathable Mask valued at USD 19 for free.

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