Travelmall Switzerland

Travelmall Switzerland Multi-Functional Massage & Heat Pillow with Patented Pump


The Travelmall Switzerland World’s First 4-in-1 Multi-Functional Pillow with an integrated massaging function, heat function, foldable hood, a special built-in 3D Pump and a release system with patented technologies for inflating and deflating the pillow easily. More than just a pillow, it can be used as a straight massage cushion for use on your spine, legs, or tired muscles. Adjustable firmness moulds to the contours of your neck surrounded by bounce cushion, providing a well-supported sleeping position. The hood can block out unwanted light in the plane or serve to block air-conditioning directed towards your head or eyes. In a plane, the air conditioning is mostly preset at a very low temperature. Having this pillow will eliminate your need to ask for a blanket from the flight attendants.  


  • SKU: SW66008BK
  • Barcode: 6971604705117

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