Travelmall Switzerland

Travelmall Switzerland 2-in-1 One-Twist Automatic Inflatable Premium Memory Foam Pillow

Launch date: 15-June-2023
  • The design includes a "one-twist" automatic inflatable pillow that can be easily inflated by twisting open the air nozzle. Once inflated, simply close the nozzle. You can also adjust the pillow's firmness by tightening the air valve cover to your desired level.
  • This inflatable neck pillow incorporates memory foam that surrounds your neck for added comfort, while the inflatable air filling design allows you to fold the pillow into a compact size. To deflate the pillow after use, open the air nozzle, fold the pillow, and press out the air to deflate it within seconds.
  • Adjustable front sliding toggles allow you to customise the level of support for your neck and head while sleeping. The camel-back design and adjustable firmness mould to the contours of your head and neck, providing optimal support for a restful sleep.
  • This foldable, space-saving design is perfect for traveling and comes with a storage pouch included.


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