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Travelmall Switzerland 3-Poles Premium Earthed World Adaptor with 2.4A Rapid Charge-USB port

$39 $79

The innovative two-in-one solutions - the safest, most compact world travel adaptor + USB Charger for 2-and 3-pole devices up to 1575W. Ideally for home use thanks to the built-in 3-poles protective earth (ground) protection, designed and powered by Skross

  • Features a universal outlet with protective earth (ground), a rapid charging USB port to charge all your devices safely in over 205 countries (Switzerland and Italy plug included) 
  • Suitable for 2-Pole and 2-Pole Earthed Plugs 
  • A very safe travel adaptor - includes 4 built-in plugs with earth pin on the plugs for protection: Australia, Europe, UK, USA, and South America for worldwide use
  • Patented Swiss design and suitable for most powerful travel appliance devices up to 1575W at 250 VAC or 630W at 100 VAC, thanks to the patented sliding design and the built-in 3-poles protective earth (ground) protection, designed and powered by Skross
  • Safe and detachable Schuko plug included, ideal for frequent traveller to Europe or Korea for quite a long time 
  • 2-years warranty
  • This adapter is suitable for more than 205 destination including the 3-poles to 2-poles adaptor for Japan



    • Size: 8 cm (L) x 4.9 cm (W x 5.3 cm (H)
    • Weight: 207 grams
    • Designed in Switzerland
    • Input plugs: Europe (Schuko & 2-pole Euro), Australia/China, UK, USA/Japan, Switzerland, Italy, Brazil
    • Output plugs: Europe (Schuko), Australia/China, UK, USA, Switzerland, Italy, Brazil
    • Input voltage: 100 VAC – 250 VAC
    • Load: 6.3 A
    • Power rating: e.g. 100 VAC – 630 W / 250 VAC – 1575 W
    • Replaceable fuse: T 6.3 A
    • USB output: 5 VAC / 2.4 A
    • Does not convert voltage
    • What’s inside: 3-Poles Travel Adaptor Set with detachable Country Adaptor to Europe USB, user manual, storage pouch 


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