Glocalme Roaming-Free Portable WiFi Device UPP, Come with 1.1GB Global Data

Get mobile WiFi access during your globe travel with this portable device! Simply switch on the device for immediate internet connection without any SIM card or pricey roaming costs. Come with 1.1 GB initial global BIZ data.

📶 Secure and reliable mobile WiFi access in 140+ countries & regions
📶 Support SIM-free usage with 4G LTE high-speed network
📶 Complimentary global data preloaded, ready to use
📶 Flexible data plan options, unlimited data plan as low as US$1.5/day
📶 Easy Operation-no need any setup, turn on the device for immediate connection.
📶 User friendly App for easy management
📶 Connect up to 8 devices simultaneously
📶 Add-on SIM slot for user as router
📶 Support computer direct connection

Weight: 113g
Dimensions: 12 x 6.46 x 1.2cm

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