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Inflatable Hooded Neck Pillow with Patented Pump and Hood - Grey edition

  • Creator of original Swiss 3D pump pillow
  • The inflatable neck pillow with its patented 3D Pump & Hood includes an eye coverage that blocks out the world around you
  • The pillow inflates by pressing a 3D push pump i.e. no need to physically blow into it
  • This pillow is crafted with premium materials and an ergonomic camel-back shape design that efficiently provides excellent neck support
  • Ideal for sleeping during travel or for using at home
  • Great alternative to wearing an eye mask
  • You may also use the pump to inflate or deflate in order to adjust the firmness, and the air tight inflation conforms to the contour of your neck.
  • Smart deflating function which allows the pillow to be collapsed and folded in only a few second
  • The camel-back design and adjustable airtight inflation ensures the pillow fits perfectly to the contour of your head and neck, offering added support
  • Foldable design - to save space while travelling.
  • Removable cover and easy to clean.
  • Storage pouch included. 


  • SKU: SW99005 GY
  • Size: 310 x 300 x 125mm
  • Weight :251grams
  • Materials: Pillow cover materials :Polyester
  • Inner Materials: PVC

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