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Travelmall 8-in-1 Multi-Charging Extension Socket (4 Sockets & 4 USB) for Home, Office or Travel


This 8-in-1 charging station comes with 4 standard AC outlets, providing a maximum power output of 3250W, and a 10A fused plug (BS1363/A). It also includes 4 USB ports (total 3.4A) for use in various situations. The USB-A port can provide a maximum output of 2.4A, while the USB Type-C fast charging port has a 15W 3A maximum output, offering ultimate convenience for your appliances and mobile devices. Designed for use at home or in the office, this extension product can power up to 8 devices simultaneously and supply the maximum charge speed for your devices. It is definitely a must-have plug extender and home office charging station. Ideal for home/office/travel 

USB Type C Fast Charge – The USB Extension Lead with 4 USB ports total 3.4A, with each USB A port featuring 2.4A Max output. The type-C charging port provides 15W 3A MAX output.

NOTE: The USB C port does not support all high power laptops that needs 14~22V charging voltage. To recharge MacBook series, you are required to use the 4 available AC sockets.

4 AC Outlets BS Plug - The charging station with 4 AC outlets, providing 3250W max power output,10A fused plug for instant use.

Convenient and Practical – this charging station has a non-slip base design that can remain stable on any table to prevent movement on horizontal surfaces. Alternatively, there are 2 keyhole apertures on the rear of the housing that enable it to be mounted on a wall vertically.

Compact and Portable Size – The extension lead with USB-C port is lightweight, square, compact and a portable size, and keeps your desk neat and organised.  It saves desktop space for you and is easy to carry everywhere.

Safety protection - Built-in automatic shut off prevents your electric devices from over-current, over-charge, short circuit, and over-heating.

Childproof Design - Child-protective safety door is designed to protect your children and pets from every unused socket. The ON/OFF switch button allows control of the AC power socket and USB ports.

Upgraded Braided Extension Cord with Cable tie - The 1.5 Meters long extension cord is made of pure copper, which is very thick and has better current carrying capacity. The braided power cord is not easy to deform, durable and more safety. Comes with cable ties for ease of storage after-use.

Made from high-quality fire-resistant PC material with a 10A fused plug, with a 1.5 Metre heavy duty extension thicker pure copper cord braided cable with cable tie.  This adds durability for better protection.

Manufacturer's 1 year guarantee

Certified CE and RoHS, and prevents your electric devices from over-current, over-charge, short circuit, and over-heating.


  • Size: 12 cm x 12 cm x 3cm
  • 4 x mains sockets: 13A 220-250V Max. Load 3250W 
  • 3 x USB A ports: 12W 5VDC, max. 2.4A 
  • 1 x USB C port: 15W 5VDC, max. 3A 
  • Safety standard: complies with BS1363-2, USB port; conforms to EN62368 standard
  • Compatibility: Suitable for use with most smartphones, tablets and other portable USB devices. Charge times may vary depending on the devices being charged.  

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