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Travelmall Switzerland Mini Rechargeable Warmer



  • Keep hands warm for up to 4 hours
  • Pocket-sized, handy, fits an adult’s hand nicely, and is easy to grasp with one hand
  • Rechargeable via the latest Type-C charging cable with safety protection
  • Multi-colour LED showing the remaining battery level
  • Perfect for travelling, indoor or outdoor sporting event such as hiking or camping


  • SKU: SW11029WH
  • Size: 30 × 30 × 92mm
  • Weight: 103g
  • Battery: 2000mAh, 7.4Wh
  • Input: DC 5V, 1A
  • Material: Protective cover- PC with PU strap / Body- Aluminium Alloy
  • Charging time: 2.5 hours
  • Warmer usable time: approximately 3-4 hours per charge
  • Heating Temperature: 50℃-55℃

How to use


(I) Charging

  • Remove the cover at the top of the product in a clockwise direction
  • Connect the included type-c charging cable and start charging
  • Once the charging starts, the charging capacity colour LED are shown as follows:
Battery level (0%-25%):  LED light turns red
Battery level (25%-50%): LED light turns yellow
Battery level (50%-75%): LED light turns green
Battery level (75%-100%): LED light turns blue 
  • Once the warmer is fully charged, the blue LED light will remain steady on
  • Unzip the cable and close the cover by rotating the cover in anticlockwise direction

(II) Hand Warmer Function

  • Press and hold the warmer button for 3 seconds, the multi-colour LED will turn white. The product will first be heating up in approximately 1-2 minutes depending on the usage environment, and then stay at the temperature at 50-55℃, which is appropriate for use as a portable warmer (The surface temperature experience varies from person to person, please touch the warmer and confirm whether the temperature is appropriate before usage. If you feel very hot, uncomfortable or feel any abnormal phenomenon, please immediately stop using and contact the after-sales service.)
  • To check the remaining battery level, press the power/warmer button once.  Different colours of the LED listed below represents different battery levels
Red: 0%-25%
Yellow: 25%-50%
Green: 50%-70%
Blue: 75%-100%
  • To switch off the warmer, press and hold the warmer for 3 seconds.

Note: If the external temperature is too low, it will cause heat loss, which may mean it will take a longer time to warm up. Alternatively, it is also recommended to put the warmer into your jacket or pocket for a short time. 


  • Not suitable for consumers under the age of 14 years old. Please keep out of reach of children
  • Small parts may cause choking hazards. Keep the product away from small children 
  • Do not drop the product or disassemble/assemble the product
  • Do not charge, use or place in a high temperature environment.
  • Do not put into water. avoid use and storage in damp environment.
  • Always switch off the device when not in use.
  • Unplug the charging cable after charging immediately

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